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Support to development aid projects


NGOs and non-profit making entities are confronted with a constant increase in competition vis-à-vis EU development aid funding.

Our commitment to NGOs, notably through support platforms dedicated to the non-profit sector, allows us to clearly identify stakes and constraints you face.

We therefore offer training sessions and tailor-made consultancy in order to help entities working in the field of international solidarity.

To anticipate calls for proposals:
- to access funding
- to find useful information to reply to calls for proposals
Drafting of explanatory notes on EU funding

Training on “access to EU funding”

To take part in calls for proposals:
- to be aware of the different stages
- to identity the contracting authority’s expectations
- to draft a concept note and a full proposal that improves the value of the project
Analysis and enhancement of your concept note and full proposal

Training on “How to respond to a call for proposals?”

Grant contract management:
- to know the general conditions’ requirements
- to integrate best practices
- to avoid ineligible costs
Analysis and interpretation of applicable rules in order to support your project and protect your rights

Analysis of your grant contract’s audit and elaboration of an appropriate answer

Training on “Grant contract management”

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