Subscription package

Arkipelago Consulting answers to any question related to EU’s rules and procedures
related to:

  • Calls for tenders
  • Calls for tenders
  • Contract implementation
  • Audit verification
  • Pre-litigation

– Unlimited number of questions

– Legal answer within 48 hours


  • Consultancy firms and International Organisations = 600€ VAT excl.
  • NGO and local authorities = 400€ VAT excl.

Support to NGOs

Arkipelago Consulting supports Non-Governmental Organisations and associations in their attempt to be funded by the EU.

In this context, we bring our expertise in order to support:

  • Drafting of concept notes (500€VAT excl.)
  • Drafting of full proposals (1000€VAT excl.)
  • Drafting of narrative and financial reports (1000€VAT excl.)
  • Answer to an audit verification (1000€VAT excl.)

See also our subscription package “Legal Support ” for NGOs and our formations for NGOs.


We conceive and develop customizable practical training modules.
Theoretical and practical (workshop)

For NGOs, International Organisations, consultancy firms, Universities, public sector.

Training topics:

  • PRAG – Procurement
  • PRAG – Call for proposals
  • Programme Estimates
  • Service contract implementation
  • Grant contract implementation

We also intervene during your seminars and workshops in order to bring a practical perspective.

Languages : English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Duration : from 1 to 9 days depending on your needs

Do not hesitate to contact us for any demand!

Drafting of procedures guides

Arkipelago Consulting supports International Organisations and all entities wishing to pass the 9 pillars assessment of the EU.

Dans ce cadre, nous rédigeons:

  • Procurement guides
  • Financial procedure guides
  • Provide recommendations on internal control

And we also intervene by giving practical trainings on how to deal the EU requirements and internal rules.